News and notes

News and notes

Chinese Wikipedia (mostly) unblocked

The Chinese Wikipedia has been unblocked within most, if not all, of China, along with other websites such as the BBC, likely in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics, which begin on August 8. Sensitive topics, such as the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, remain blocked, however. reorganised

On August 1, the top ten Wikipedias in the portal were reorganized, following a poll on Meta. It used to be arranged by the number of articles a Wikipedia has, but is now arranged according to the number of visitors each Wikipedia has.

This led to quite a few changes within the top ten Wikipedias themselves, but only one language was actually replaced among the ten; the Dutch Wikipedia (467,000 articles) was replaced by the newly-unblocked Chinese Wikipedia (200,000 articles).

The result of the third question in the poll concerns whether or not there should be some kind of clue about the visitor’s preferred language (as “determined by the browser, OS or IP”), and if so, how that should be implemented. The poll was definitely in favour of having some sort of clue, but the type of clue has not yet been determined. The type that got the most votes was the one about replacing the last language of the top ten with the language of the local user.


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