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Wikipedia and related projects are beginning to develop a rich spectrum of community-related news and opinion sources, and the Wikipedia Signpost covers only a small portion of wiki news.

For a raw mix of opinion, discussion, criticism, project-wide musing and sporadic insight into editors' psyches, the blog aggregator Open Wiki Blog Planet brings together a host of wiki-centric blogs, including the blogs of several non-Wikimedia projects. A smaller parallel blog aggregator, Planet Wikimedia, draws from much of the same blogger pool but accepts only filtered feeds for project-related posts. New additions are welcome in both blog planets. There is also an ill-maintained list of Wikimedians who blog, but it has largely been superseded by the aggregators. The Wikimedia Foundation recently started an official Foundation blog, and a handful of Wikinews editors run the Wikinewsie Editors' Blog.

The various project mailing lists—particularly WikiEN-l and foundation-l—are also important venues for discussion, although the most active lists have high volume with low signal-to-noise ratio. For general Wikimedia project news, the long-running Signpost companion Wikizine continues to cover significant happenings in the wiki community, with new editions every few weeks.

Wikipedia is now the subject of two podcast programs: Wikipedia Weekly and NotTheWikipediaWeekly. Wikipedia Weekly features (among others) Wikipedia historian Liam Wyatt and media scholar Andrew Lih, while the slightly more chaotic NotTheWikipediaWeekly is usually led by Durova or Privatemusings. Both podcasts have a record of high-profile guests, ranging from prominent editors to foundation board members and employees to banned users and vocal critics.

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