From the editor

From the editor

This week, we add another new feature: Wikipedia Dispatches. This report will "cover high quality editing and other contributions that have happened that week in the English Wikipedia."

The name was coined by Raul654, who came up with the idea for the report, and likened the report to the award a soldier can receive by being mentioned in dispatches. Thanks to Marskell, who's written the first installment.

If any readers are interested in contributing, please let me know — I'm currently looking for someone to write the "Features and admins" column temporarily; The Placebo Effect is currently unable to do so for at least a few weeks. Other writers could cover weekly news, particularly that relating to the Wikimedia Foundation, which I haven't been able to cover as well as I'd like to.

Also, my thanks to Greg Williams, contributor of the WikiWorld cartoon. Greg has decided to discontinue weekly publication of the comic due to other commitments, but indicated that non-regular installments may still be uploaded. For at least the next few months, I'll be picking some of my favorite comics from 2006 and 2007 as "best of WikiWorld" specials. I'm not sure I ever gave Greg his due here, so I'd like to thank him again for all the effort he put into the cartoons.

Thanks for reading the Signpost.


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