News and notes

News and notes

Steward confirmations complete, six stewards removed

Confirmation of current stewards is complete. Ausir, Romihaitza, Snowdog, and Suisui were not confirmed due to inactivity. Datrio and Fantasy resigned their stewardship voluntarily prior to these discussions.

Fundraiser continues

The Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser continued this week. Seventy-two days into the fundraiser, about 43,300 people have donated at least US$1, and the Foundation has raised about $1,450,000.

Donations this week rose; this may be partially due to the end of the year, where donations traditionally rise as taxpayers seek end-of-year deductions. Donations also were affected by a New Year's Day matching contributions promise; the anonymous donor has offered up to $50,000.

Anonymous donations of $5,000, $2,500, $2,100, $2,000 and JP¥250,000 ($2,183.25), and a $2,250 donation from Francis Hogle led the unusually busy week of donations. Six other large contributions, all of $1,000, were received; four were anonymous, and Michael Webb and Gary Steinmetz each donated $1,000 as well.

Wikimania 2009 bidding continues

Wikimania 2009 bidding continues; one more bid was submitted this week: Buenos Aires. This joins three other official bids: Bogotá, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Toronto. New bids will be open until January 12, at which time the jury will be announced. Bids already created will be open until February 3, when bidding will end, and deliberations will begin. On or before February 20, the host city for Wikimania 2009 will be announced to the public.


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