Features and admins

Features and admins


Four users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: SB Johnny (nom), DO11.10 (nom), Dlohcierekim (nom), Hbdragon88 (nom). One user was promoted to bureaucrat status via the Requests for Bureaucratship process this week: WJBscribe (nom).


Five bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: BOTijo (task request), VeblenBot (task request), Maelgwnbot (task request), ClueBot IV (task request) and BOTarate (task request).

Featured content

Fourteen articles were promoted to featured status last week: Hurricane Ioke (nom), Powderfinger (nom), A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant (nom), Brownhills (nom), History of Baltimore City College (nom), Pre-dreadnought (nom), East End of London (nom), M62 motorway (nom), Lethbridge (nom), Riverina (nom), Ann Bannon (nom), Priestfield Stadium (nom), Joe Sakic (nom) and Characters of Kingdom Hearts (nom).

Nine lists were promoted to featured status last week: List of YuYu Hakusho episodes (Season 1) (nom), List of YuYu Hakusho episodes (Season 2) (nom), List of YuYu Hakusho episodes (Season 3) (nom), List of YuYu Hakusho episodes (Season 4) (nom), List of birds of Egypt (nom), List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: Sa-Sc (nom) and List of 50 Cent awards (nom).

No topics were promoted last week.

No portals or sounds were featured last week.

Four articles were de-featured last week: United States Senate (nom), Shroud of Turin (nom), British House of Commons (nom) and Irish poetry (nom).

No pictures, lists, portals, topics, or sounds were de-featured last week.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: Winter service vehicle, Andrew Cunningham, A Vindication of the Rights of Men, Jogaila, Hoysala architecture, Georgetown University and Branded to Kill.

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: V-2 rocket destruction, Willamette River, Tvashtar Paterae eruption, Varroa destructor, Robert E. Lee, Seattle skyline, and Kuwaiti oil fires.

Seven pictures were promoted to featured status last week and are shown below.

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