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In the news

Wikipedia inaccessible from China again

Wikipedia Blocked in China Again - Access to Wikipedia has been blocked in the People's Republic of China on various occasions, with no explanation from the government. Until recently, the English-language Wikipedia was accessible, while the Chinese-language site was not. It now appears that the English language Wikipedia is also inaccessible, and there is speculation that it may be due to the upcoming Communist Party Congress, which begins in October.

Collaboration will change methods of production

The wiki way - This is a review of a book by Don Tapscott, coauthored with Anthony Williams, called Wikinomics. It explores how modern production is changing due to tools that enable mass collaboration, such as wikis. The implication for large companies is emphasised: "Companies - certainly big companies - are losing their raison d'etre. Individuals, and tiny companies, can collaborate without corporate behemoths to organise them."

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