Features and admins

Features and admins


Seven users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: Evilclown93 (nom), Jreferee (nom), Sanchom (nom), VirtualSteve (nom), Greeves (nom), Richardshusr (nom), and Crazytales (nom).


Ten bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: Anchor Link Bot (task request), RBSpamAnalyzerBot (task request), TypoBot (task request), Android Mouse Bot (task request), Polbot (task request), WOPR (task request), EBot (task request), EBot2 (task request), Animum Delivery Bot (task request), and PhiloBot (task request).

Featured content

Nineteen articles were promoted to featured status last week: Birchington-on-Sea (nom), Western Ganga Dynasty (nom), Æthelberht of Kent (nom), Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (nom), Providence, Rhode Island (nom), The Pit and the Pendulum (1961 film) (nom), Battle of Cape Esperance (nom), Still Reigning (nom), Four Times of the Day (nom), Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne (nom), Mary of Teck (nom), El Al (nom), Elk (nom), Ediacaran biota (nom), Daspletosaurus (nom), Minneapolis, Minnesota (nom), American Goldfinch (nom), Final Fantasy IX (nom), and Hamilton, Ontario (nom).

Two articles were de-featured last week: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius (nom) and Habsburg Spain (nom).

Five lists were promoted to featured status last week: List of New Jersey Devils head coaches (nom), List of ECW World Champions (nom), List of Chicago Landmarks (nom), Goldfrapp discography (nom), and List of members of the WWE Hall of Fame (nom).

One portal was promoted to featured status last week: Portal:Dinosaurs (nom).

No topics or sounds were promoted to featured status last week.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Slayer, Wonderbra, Shuttle-Mir Program, New Jersey Devils, Islam, and Search engine optimization.

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Aviator, Tomato, The Starry Night, Egeskov Castle, Red-necked Grebe, Territorial evolution of Canada, and Swedish Rally.

Five pictures were promoted to featured status last week and are shown below.

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