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New features

Various interface messages that by default used to contain links such as "Project:Policy" no longer do, and instead use variables from the content language (such as MediaWiki:policy-url). The difference is that if, for instance, an administrator on the English Wikipedia used Bulgarian as his interface language, the Bulgarian version of MediaWiki:Confirmdeletetext would be used, pointing him to the nonexistent page Project:Линия на поведение for information about project deletion policy. Now it uses MediaWiki:policy-url, which is always from the content language and so will point to Project:Policy (or whatever it's changed to) for any interface language on an English-content site. Also, links of dubious utility to non-Wikipedia projects (such as "IP address") have been unlinked for the default interface text. The changes have been completed for English and all supported languages whose ISO 639 code begins with A, B, or C. (Daniel Arnold, T10846, r19724 et al.)

On image pages, the link to upload a new image no longer shows the "external link" arrow. (Raimond Spekking, r19856)

Fixed bugs

An error that would cause whitespace to vanish under certain circumstances for some languages was fixed. (Brion Vibber, T10897, r19802)


Some updates were made to non-English messages, specifically:

Internationalization help is always appreciated! See m:Localization statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to Mediazilla.

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