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The <gallery> tag can now accept three new attributes: perrow, widths, and heights. For instance, <gallery perrow="5" widths="80" heights="60"> will fit each image into a 80×60-pixel box instead of the usual 120×120-pixel box, but it will have five images per row instead of four. As always, use care to avoid problems for people using low resolutions, some of whom have difficulty with even the standard 600-pixel-wide gallery. (Simetrical, T8987, r19721)

It is now possible to vertically align images by using the new image keywords baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom, and text-bottom. This will generally only be useful for mixing images in with text: it cannot vertically position anything relative to a containing table cell or the like, only relative to text's em box. The exact meanings of all the codes can be found at the World Wide Web Consortium's website (note that the percentage, length, and inherit properties are not available). (Simetrical, T10535, r19720)

The minority of blocks with autoblocking disabled will now have "autoblock disabled" stated explicitly in Special:Log/block (which was recently updated to mention this information), while the majority with autoblock enabled will not mention this. Previously the reverse was true: those with autoblocking enabled explicitly stated that, while those with autoblocking disabled said nothing. The new format is more consistent with Special:Ipblocklist. (Andrew Garrett, r19697)

Inputboxes set up to search will now behave like the "Search" button, not "Go": they will not bring the user directly to a page by that name if one exists. (Benutzer:Eneas, T9318, r19700)

When a single reference is called in many places, the letters used to link back to the places where it was called will now wrap if there are so many that they fill the width of the page, rather than stretching the page. (Simetrical, T10768, r19790)

A "printable version" link will now appear even for pages that have no text. This can be used for categories with members but no description, or images from the Wikimedia Commons. (Brion Vibber, T10875, r19791)

Some bugs were fixed:

Some updates were made to non-English messages, specifically:

Internationalization help is always appreciated! See m:Localization statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to Mediazilla.

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