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In the news

Sydney Morning Herald vandalizes Wikipedia

A blogger for the Sydney Morning Herald, in an article critical about Wikipedia, vandalized the article Newspaper, touting its own blog as the "world's best column" [1]. The edit was reverted nearly nine hours later by Barnabypage. The page also mentions a vandalous edit to Aspirin, which was not reverted for 28 minutes [2].

Ethical Corporation Magazine examines Corporate social responsibility

Mallen Baker of Ethical Corporation Magazine, a British publication, looked at Wikipedia's article on corporate social responsibility. The author notes that POV battles have made the article "a battleground of ideologues".

Reporter examines an AFD on his own article

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman profiled an AFD on an article about Terdiman. Terdiman notes that compared to other CNET reporters, he might not have been notable, though the article was kept. Terdiman did, however, incorrectly refer to the AFD as an "administrators' delete-or-not thread".

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