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Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

Special:Recentchanges and Special:Recentchangeslinked now display the number of characters added to or removed from a page for each edit. This will hopefully allow simple vandalism, such as page blanking, to be more easily spotted. Third-party vandalism-fighting tools have included such counts for some time. (Leon Weber, bug 1085, r182378)

Redirects to sections now work, using text such as #REDIRECT [[Main Page#Other areas of Wikipedia]]. The feature should be used cautiously, because users may be confused by being sent to the middle of a page when clicking an ordinary-looking link, and the redirect notice will be obscured by the jump. (Tim Starling, bug 218, r18220)

A new extension by Travis Derouin, Extension:ImportFreeImages, was checked into the code repository. The extension allows users to import appropriately-licensed images into their wiki from Flickr. A live test is available here. The extension has not yet been enabled on any Wikimedia Foundation wikis, but it has already been suggested that it might be useful for the Wikimedia Commons.

MediaWiki installations will no longer attempt to "break out" of HTML frameset elements by default. This allows them to be embedded in other Web pages without any problems. (Tim Starling, r18220)

A bug in the autoblock whitelist (see archived story) that prevented it from functioning was fixed, so it should now work. (Andrew Garrett, r18222)

A few interface changes were made:

A number of page-specific JavaScript variables were renamed. (Tim Starling, r18220) Anyone who had been using them in a custom script will have to update it:

Some updates were made to non-English messages, specifically:

Internationalization help is always appreciated! See m:Localization statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to Mediazilla.

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