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Chronicle of Higher Education

In an apparent follow-up to its prior article "Can Wikipedia Ever Make the Grade?" by Brock Read, The Chronicle of Higher Education published a second article by Ann Kirschner. Kirshner explains Wikipedia, the Wikipedia phenomenon and her own attempts to edit. She credits "editorial elves" for improving her contribution and recounts her search for the editor who added an image. Kirshner then explains the history function and how she found that Danny Wool added the image. Wool is subsequently quoted in the article. Kirshner concludes: "for now, Wikipedia works. ... I'm prepared to believe that Wikipedia's millions of eyes will continue its evolution and improve its quality."

Wikipedia Quality

Wikipedia quality continues to be a topic that generates significant coverage in the media. In Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald carried an article criticizing those that trust Wikipedia. ABC-9 in Syracuse, New York ran a report with the lead "If you or maybe your child is doing some research online, you most likely run into Wikipedia." The article notes that not everything is accurate and reports on a Quinnipiac who purposefully added incorrect information. The Dartmouth reported on the views of Dartmouth College professors on Wikipedia. The article quotes: Wikipedia is "not the same as a peer-reviewed journal", and that "Wikipedia is often useful as a quick orientation tool that requires verification."

Milton Friedman

MarketWatch, in an article covering the death of Milton Friedman identified Wikipedia as being what the "advocate of free markets as a means to create political and social freedom ... might [use as] a great example of how free markets can produce efficiencies." The article subsequently quoted 2 paragraphs from the Wikipedia entry on Friedman.

Wikipedia explodes in growth

So claims Tim Krohn in an article in the Mankato Free Press. Krohn interviews Max Hailperin, the chairman of the local college's mathematics department. Hailperin warns readers not to "trust anything as an authoritative source of information." However, he also says, "if it’s some noncontroversial, factual piece of information, chances are what you find there is correct." The article also reports on Wikipedia's coverage of local areas of interest.

Pearson to publish business wikibook

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pearson PLC is partnering with University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and MIT's Sloan School to create a business book that will be authored and edited using wiki processes by an online community committed to the project. Wikipedia is mentioned as "inspiring" the effort.

Information everywhere

In an article about the myriad information and "fact" choices available in the modern world, Will Hutton, of The Observer, references Wikipedia as a site providing those choices. Stating that "pessimists say that we are living in an era in which objectivity is collapsing, [where you] seek for what you want to be true..." He concludes that "pessimists are right except in one respect - they underestimate the ability of individuals collectively to want to understand, notwithstanding their prejudices and beliefs, and, thus, ultimately the power of truth to win out." He claims that just like China could not resist Wikipedia, western media "cannot resist the demand that we be able to trust them."

Wikipedia as source

Continuing coverage

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Topic Source type Source name Notes
China lifts ban(c) wire service Reuters "news service" Quoting spokeswoman -
China lifts ban(c) large circ US WSJ print-B10 "Activity on the ... Chinese Wikipedia has skyrocketed" since the ban was lifted. "No one can be certain the current access will remain." Quotes Tim Starling.
Pearson book wiki large circ US WSJ print-B1 "Pearson PLC is joining with" the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and the MIT's Sloan School "to create a business book authored and edited by a "wiki" -- an online community dedicated to writing." (wikipedia is mentioned as "inspiring" the effort)
China reblock large circ US The Boston Globe "Andrew Lih... wrote on his blog Thursday night that [they] are unable to contact Wikipedia. The report was confirmed by Rebecca MacKinnon, former Beijing bureau chief at CNN... MacKinnon said that a number of Chinese friends wrote to her complaining about the shutdown."
Information everywhere large circ UK The Observer (part of "So much information seems to mean its degradation." "The pessimists are right except in one respect - they underestimate the ability of individuals collectively to want to understand, notwithstanding their prejudices and beliefs, and, thus, ultimately the power of truth to win out."
Wikipedia quality large circ AU Sidney Herald Short article on popular view of Wikipedia's credibility despite its flaws
China ban lifted(c) large circ AU Sidney Herald Noting ban, lift of ban, increase in users, mentions Baidu (and interestingly that "Entries on "Baidupedia" are, however, censored by the Chinese government.")
China reblocks major news Fox News
Major news coverage of reblock by China
Wikipedia quality TV News Syracuse ABC-9 Students use it, reports on experiments with false info.
Citizendium(c) TV News San Diego CBS-8 Interview of Sanger - Sanger billed as creator of Wikipedia - names advantages
?? TV News TV Ontario Interview of Thomas Homer-Dixon discussing a potential societal collapse due to multiple stresses to the world. Don't think the Wikipedia mention is particularly easy to find.
China ban lifted(c) Aggregator International Herald Ban lifted but some topics blocked - lists sources as NY Times and Boston Globe.
large circ DE Die Welt General article on Wikipedia with reporting on an alleged campaign by the Bild-Zeitung to discredit Wikipedia. Reports that the campign lead to an increased amount of vandalism on the German Wikipedia. "Wikipedianer, which want .. their on-line forum to become a respectable alternative to printed encyclopedias. The consider Wikipedia not [a] chaotic playground, but a platform for up-to-date knowledge transfer." (translation google and me)
Wikipedia in depth Small circ Mankato Free Press Overview of Wikipedia, use as a research source, and coverage of local information
Hoax article Small circ UK Crawley Observer Councillor Adam G Brown moaned that no one knew who he was ... 40 minutes later an article ... was posted on internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia.
Wikipedia quality Print Magazine The Chronicle Review\ Excellent article by Ann Kirschner who explains Wikipedia, the Wikipedia phenomenon and her own edits. "For now, Wikipedia works. ... I'm prepared to believe that Wikipedia's millions of eyes will continue its evolution and improve its quality."
Citizendium College US Gateway (U Alberta) Standard Citizendium - with quotes from school admins
Atlantic storms(s) College US Colorado State Univ Report by Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray credits Wikipedia as being "...very helpful in putting together this tropical cyclone summary."
Wikipedia quality College CA The Dartmouth Explains Wikipedia. Pros/cons from professors. "not the same as a peer-reviewed journal." "Wikipedia is often useful as a quick orientation tool that requires verification." etc
Computer Print Information Week Very brief - ban in place - ban lifted
Milton Friedman Online News Uses Wikipedia to demonstrate Friedman's free markets theory and how they produce efficiencies.
China reblocks Online News
Reports indicate that Wikipedia is blocked again. Not unexpected but hope it is not final.
Smallest hole(s) Online News ZD Net uses Wikipedia as source for Electrical discharge machining and Focused ion beam"
China ban lift(c) Various Digital Trends

Times of India
News Factor
Finanicial Express

Basically same stuff
China reblocks Various The Inquirer
PC Authority
Journal NOW Winston-Salem
Dalls Star Telegraph from Bloomberg
Taipei Times
Daily Tech
Coverage of reblock
Vandalism Game Print GamePro Magazine Reports PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 are locked because of reoccuring vandalism
China ban lift(c) slashdot slashdot brief - mentions explosion in use
Conflicts Online news? Reports being pleased with the neutrality of articles such as Sabra and Shatila massacre, the Massacre of Deir Yassin, the Khazars, and the Exodus of Jews from Arab lands. Reports taht the discussions "are protracted, repetitive, and often cantankerous, but they have yielded hard-earned compromises and excellent, dispassionate articles on each of these topics."
Virus(c) Self-pub [ Isreal News Agency] Reports on experiments with false information, German virus issue, etc.
Citizendium(c) Self-pub Purdue Exponent Short article - New project - editorial process
Vandalism PR site Nintendo site documents vandalism of Wii and Playstation 3 articles


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