Features and admins

Features and admins


Eleven users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: Future Perfect at Sunrise (nom), Lostintherush (nom), EVula (nom), AnonEMouse (nom), Rockpocket (nom), Shyam Bihari (nom), Husond (nom), Trialsanderrors (nom), Cholmes75 (nom), Femto (nom), and Dalbury (nom).

Featured content

Thirteen articles were promoted to featured status last week: Dundee (nom), Alain Prost (nom), Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (nom), Extratropical cyclone (nom), Great Fire of London (nom), Stegosaurus (nom), Bette Davis (nom), West Wycombe Park (nom), Lead(II) nitrate (nom), Fin Whale (nom), Girl Scouts of the USA (nom), Basiliscus (nom), and Hurricane Fabian (nom).

Five articles were de-featured last week: Emacs, F-35 Lightning II, Sid McMath, House of Lords, and Speech synthesis.

No portals reached featured status last week.

Two lists were featured last week: List of Telecaster players and List of countries by Human Development Index.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: Eric A. Havelock, Virtuti Militari, Concerto delle donne, Karen Dotrice, Supreme Court of the United States, Leonhard Euler, and Spyware.

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Wide-body aircraft, Weedy sea dragon, Mallard, Giza pyramid complex, American Bison skulls, Comet Hale-Bopp, and Dingle Peninsula.

Eleven pictures were featured last week:

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