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Use of Wikipedia free image content

The NOAA, the BBC and the online news site have made use of images created by Wikipedians and released under GFDL, CC, or public domain licenses.

Stanford newspaper doesn't want to be deleted

A recent effort to discuss deletion of a number of anonymously created articles upset the editors at The Stanford Review. The editorial discusses the deletion process and the efforts users put into what it calls "seemingly useless task," but credits Wikipedians with "often remarkably good" claims and correctly identifying opponents as having a self-interest in deletion.

Australian literature articles

An article by Jenny Sinclair (who has edited as User:Jenny Sinclair) in The Australian uses the lack of articles on notable Australian writers to explain how Wikipedia works, the nature of Wikipedia's "patchy, arbitrary" coverage, and the impact Wikipedia is having on the internet generation. After discussing the reasons Wikipedia has become a must use resource, Sinclair urges Australians to improve the Wikipedia articles on literature and signs off the article intending to "create that listing for Jessica Anderson."

Filipino coverage

The Philippine News implores readers to Try Wikipedia. After discussing the coverage of Filipino articles, the article discusses the "anyone can edit" policy, and the process of correcting questionable information. The author acknowledges being "involved in the act" of "debating whether or not certain points should be included or removed."


In an opinion piece, The French Definition Of a 'Genocide', PART TWO: Algerian Genocides, the Al-Jazeerah Information Center references the Wikipedia article on Accusations of French genocide against Algerians to provide background information about the conflict.

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