Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed two cases this week.

SqueakBox and Zapatancas

A case against SqueakBox and Zapatancas was closed on Sunday. As a result, both were banned for a month, banned from articles relating to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and placed on personal attack parole for one year. SqueakBox and Zapatancas had edit-warred with each other over the article, and both had made personal attacks against each other and vandalized each other's userpage.


A case against Marcosantezana was closed on Monday. As a result, Marcosantezana was banned one year from articles related to natural selection and placed on indefinite probation. A mentorship has also been suggested, awaiting the selection of mentor(s). Marcosantezana had caused "disruption" at these articles, edit-warring and "persist[ing] in adding excessively detailed information into the article."


Cases were accepted this week involving a request to unblock Blu Aardvark (user page), a request to unblock Saladin1970 (user page), editors on Francis Schuckardt, and a naming dispute on U.S. highway articles. All are in the evidence phase, and no other articles are in the evidence phase.

Cases involving editors on the article 2004 U.S. presidential election controversy and irregularities, Deathrocker (user page), Infinity0 (user page), PoolGuy (user page), editors on Biological psychiatry, and Sam Spade (user page) are in the voting phase.

A motion to close is on the table in the cases involving Locke Cole (user page) and users DarrenRay and 2006BC.

A motion to restrict StrangerInParadise to one user account is still pending, with seven support votes with no opposition. It appears that the motion has been enacted, with the StrangerInParadise account blocked pending the user's decision on which account to use, but it has not been removed from the arbitration page.

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