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Bot flags now set by bureaucrats

Rob Church created and installed a recent extension, MakeBot, which allows bureaucrats to set bot flags. Previously, the task was handled by stewards. Stewards still have the ability to grant bot access through the stewards' interface. In another fix, Brion Vibber fixed a bug prohibiting stewards from changing rights on the English Wikipedia.

Watchlists altered

A series of changes to the watchlist were made on 17 April and 18. The most notable change was the addition of an "enhanced watchlist" function, available through a user's preferences. This function, similar to the "enhanced recent changes" function, offers additional information via a JavaScript toggle button. Other changes included the ability to set other preferences, including the number of days shown, through preferences, the addition of a "clear all" link, which removes all items from a user's watchlist, and a working "hide bot edits" function.

Last week in MediaWiki

Last week in servers

Server-related events, problems, and changes included:

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