Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed four cases this week.

Jason Gastrich

A case against Jason Gastrich was closed on Tuesday. As a result, Jason Gastrich was banned for one year, indefinitely banned from Louisiana Baptist University and The Skeptic's Annotated Bible, and limited to one account (additional remedies were passed, but were superseded by the ban). Gastrich had used sockpuppetry, invited meatpuppetry, and engaged in personal attacks, self-promotion, and general disruption.


A case against Karmafist was closed on Tuesday. As a result, Karmafist was placed on civility parole, and restricted on the use of welcome messages. Karmafist welcomed many new users, linking to "wikipolitical" pages, which the Arbitration Committee ruled could be misleading to new users. Additionally, Karmafist was found to have assumed bad faith, ignored consensus, and acted uncivilly.


A case against Licorne was closed on Friday. As a result, Licorne was banned for one year, and placed on indefinite probation and personal attack parole. Licorne had made personal attacks, engaged in POV editing, and refused to participate in his arbitration case.

Shiloh Shepherd Dog

A case against editors on Shiloh Shepherd Dog was closed on Saturday. As a result, Tina M. Barber was banned for one year. Additional remedies included an article probation, a ban on meatpuppeting, and a warning for all editors on the article to remain civil. Tina M. Barber revealed personal information about another editor on the article, and Barber and other involved users had engaged in personal attacks and attempted to claim "ownership" of the article.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week involving Marcosantezana (user page), users DarrenRay and 2006BC, and FourthAve (user page). All are in the evidence phase.

Additional cases involving Locke Cole (user page), administrators involved in a userbox-related edit war, editors on Depleted uranium, ZAROVE (user page), and Agapetos angel (user page) are in the evidence phase.

Cases involving Lou franklin (user page), Tony Sidaway (user page), editors on Bible verse articles, and Lapsed Pacifist (user page) are in the voting phase.

Motions to close are currently on the table in cases involving users IronDuke and Gnetwerker, and the case against -Ril- (user page).

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