Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed three cases this week.


An appeal of a December 2004 case was closed on Thursday. As a result, restrictions limiting users in the case to one revert per page per day, and policy for banning users temporarily for violating a provision no longer apply to VeryVerily. Other restrictions in the original case still apply, though VeryVerily has the option to appeal those after four months. In addition, Ruy Lopez was prohibited from using sockpuppets, and has been placed on probation. Ruy Lopez's sockpuppetry to avoid Arbitration Committee sanctions had been confirmed on at least one occasion.


A case brought against Zeq was closed on Sunday. As a result, Zeq has been banned from the articles 1948 Arab-Israeli War and Palestinian exodus indefinitely, and placed on probation. In addition, Zeq was cautioned to avoid removing well-sourced information, Zeq and Heptor were cautioned about using "propagandistic sources", and all others in the dispute were cautioned to use proper dispute resolution techniques. Zeq had been accused of removing sourced material, and all parties had been found to have engaged in edit warring.

Dyslexic agnostic

A case brought by Benon against T-man, the Wise Scarecrow was closed on Monday. As a result, T-man was placed under the mentorship of administrators to be named later. If mentorship fails, T-man would be banned for six months. Both users were also placed on personal attack parole and probation for one year. Both Dyslexic agnostic and T-man had edit warred and made personal attacks against each other.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week involving Licorne (user page), -Ril- (user page), ZAROVE (user page), editors on Depleted uranium, and Lou franklin (user page). All are in the evidence phase.

An additional case involving Agapetos angel (user page) is in the evidence phase.

Cases involving editors on Shiloh Shepherd Dog, Tony Sidaway (user page), editors on bible verse articles, Lapsed Pacifist (user page), Jason Gastrich (user page), users IronDuke and Gnetwerker, Instantnood (user page), and Boothy443 (user page) are in the voting phase.

A motion to close is on the table in the case involving Leyasu (user page).

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