Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed five cases this week.

Carl Hewitt

A case against Carl Hewitt was closed on Friday. As a result, Carl Hewitt was banned from "autobiographical editing" involving himself or his students, both in editing articles and in adding links and categories. In addition, Hewitt was placed on probation. He had been accused of POV editing on Carl Hewitt, the article on himself.


A case against users on Rajput was closed on Friday. As a result, Shivraj Singh, DPSingh, Gurkhaboy, Ss india, Son of Kurus, Sisodia,, Suryabandhu, Kinsman of the Sun, Indologist, shonan,, and other related throwaway accounts and IPs have been banned from editing articles relating to Rajput. In addition, all editors on Rajput were reminded of basic Wikipedia policies regarding NPOV, verifiability, and citing sources. The editors above were accused of "sustained edit warring" for an extended period of time.


A case against KDRGibby was closed on Saturday. As a result, KDRGibby has been placed on indefinite personal attack parole, probation, and general probation. In addition, KDRGibby is prohibited from "keeping personal attacks ... in his userspace." KDRGibby had been accused of incivility, personal attacks, failure to assume good faith, point of view editing, and edit warring on articles relating to Wal-Mart and Communism.

RJII and Firebug

A case involving RJII and Firebug was closed on Saturday. As a result, RJII has been placed on indefinite personal attack parole, probation, and general probation. In addition, RJII was cautioned about point of view editing. Firebug, meanwhile, was counseled not to expect perfection from other editors. RJII was accused of personal attacks, point of view forking, and violating prohibitions on using original research. Firebug had been accused of failure to assume good faith.


A case against Theodore7 was closed on Monday. As a result, Theodore7 has been placed on a one year personal attack parole, and banned from editing articles relating to astrology and astronomy for six months. In addition, Theodore7 is required to make valid, civil edit summaries. Theodore7 had been accused of making improper reverts and personal attacks against other users.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week involving Tony Sidaway (user page), and Jason Gastrich (user page). Both are in the evidence phase.

Additional cases involving editors on Shiloh Shepherd Dog, bible verses, Lapsed Pacifist (user page), users IronDuke and Gnetwerker, and Instantnood (user page) are in the Evidence phase.

Cases involving Leyasu (user page), Boothy443 (user page), Dyslexic agnostic (user page), VeryVerily (user page), Tommstein (user page), Zeq (user page), and editors on WebEx and Min Zhu are in the voting phase.

A motion to close is on the table in the case against Sortan (user page).

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