Features and admins

Features and admins


A request for bureaucratship is underway for Johnleemk.


Twelve users were granted admin status this week: Jareth (nom), Ann Heneghan (nom), MONGO (nom), Yelyos (nom), The Tom (nom), Jkelly (nom), Miborovsky (nom), Hiding (nom), Demi (nom), MarkGallagher (nom), Sean Black (nom) and Harro5 (nom).

Notably, MarkGallagher received 100 support votes and 0 oppose votes. According to Zzyzx11's RFA nomination records page, MarkGallagher is only the fourth admin to reach 100 support votes, and the first since Func's 112 supports in August.

Featured content

Eight articles were featured this week: History of the Jews in Poland, Yuan (surname), StarCraft, Omnipotence paradox, Claudius, Arrested Development (TV series), Rosa Parks and Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

No lists reached featured list status this week.

Three pictures reached featured picture status this week:

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