Features and admins

Features and admins


Administration status was given to ten users this week: Jeffrey O. Gustafson (nom), ScottDavis (nom), Egil (nom), Shimgray (nom), Necrothesp (nom), Commander Keane (nom), Alai (nom), Physchim62 (nom), Pamri (nom), and Mysekurity (nom).

Featured content

Ten articles were promoted to featured status: Human, Doctor Who missing episodes, Sylvanus Morley, Boston, Massachusetts, November (film), War of the League of Cambrai, Waterfall Gully, South Australia, Our Friends in the North, Mandan, and Canberra.

A milestone was reached last week, when the number of featured articles hit 800.

One list reached featured list status this week: List of Final Fantasy titles.

Six pictures reached featured picture status recently:

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