From the editor

From the editor

Wikipedia is communism!

As an increasing number of people have been clamouring for the appearance of the Signpost this week, we are adopting a kind of 'rolling publication' model this week, with more articles currently in development. Thanks to Worldtraveller for pushing to release this issue on time, and for contributing so much content to recent Signpost editions in Michael Snow's absence.

From Worldtraveller's earlier comments here: It's clear that the community values the Signpost, and that the English Wikipedia has grown so large that some kind of digest of all the latest happenings is now fairly essential. An increasing number of editors have contributed articles and tips, but there is always a need for more. We now have an increasing number of good suggestions on what needs covering in the newsroom - more suggestions than those who have been writing have been able to cover so far. If you want to help ensure the Signpost covers all the important news around the projects, please dive in and write a few lines, leave a note on the newsroom page, or contact me or prodigal editor Michael Snow.

-- Samuel Klein (filling in for Michael Snow)

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