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Prolific contributors manage it again

This week saw a slight drop in the quantity of material that gained featured status, with only 8 articles and 3 images promoted.

Of those, both Eldfell (an Icelandic volcano, by Worldtraveller) and Kalimpong (an Indian mountain village, by Nichalp) received massive support, after a peer review listing didn't result in any comments. The articles about Canadian politician Louis Riel and New Zealand architect Francis Petre received slightly fewer votes.

These promotions mean that Nichalp has now reworked 6 articles from the ground up to featured article. One of his other works is Goa which was promoted last week.

For Worldtraveller this is his ninth featured article. Before Eldfell, he helped 2 articles all the way from creation to featured article status and 6 others from a stub to featured status.

But he isn't planning on stopping there. He also got another article on Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 up for voting at featured article candidates. As the first person to react Mav jokingly said "Object - threatens my comfortable lead of FAs. :)" but immediately added his support. This article gained featured status just as this article was published.

None of these editors will overthrow the current record holder any time soon, though. Having worked on a total of 50 featured articles Lord Emsworth has a very comfortable lead.

New featured content

The 8 articles that gained featured status last week are: Eldfell, Francis Petre, Diamond, Dream Theater, Palace of Westminster, Geology of the Grand Canyon area, Kalimpong and Louis Riel.

The three images that gained featured picture status all received objections some time during their voting period. The original public domain image of the Red-crested Pochard initially included another duck and bits of dirt in the surrounding water. Brian0918, who nominated the image, created a cropped version which resulted in a 9 to 1 promotion.

After some initial disagreements about copyright status and quality, the "first photograph" image received featured status 25 to 3.

The image of Bodie ghost town also received some opposition by people who found the perspective and some power lines which could be seen in the background distractive. But eventually it turned out the number of people supporting the images was much larger.

Requests for adminship

Last week also saw the promotion of six new administrators. They were Phils, Wilfried Derksen, Burgundavia, Ellsworth, Xezbeth and Mindspillage.

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