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News and notes: Features and new administrators

The number of new featured articles picked up again last week after a lull the previous week, with eleven articles being promoted. The success rate of nominations has remained relatively steady, although there was some discussion of how to deal with nominations that fall short of the featured article criteria.

Dealing with underqualified nominations

Nominations of articles involving current events continued to crop up even though these have generally met resistance. An article detailing the funeral of Pope John Paul II was deemed to be too unstable for featuring last week, coming after the rejection of Papal conclave, 2005 the week before. The objections also noted problems with the copyright status of the images used in the article.

Numerous other nominations were opposed because they didn't include a separate references section, a long-standing requirement for featured articles and a recurrent objection to candidates for featured article status. This led Bantman to initiate a discussion on the talk page questioning whether it would useful to have a fast-track procedure to remove candidates that failed the basic criteria. However, featured article director Raul654 was quick to point out that "the purpose of this page is not just to identify featured articles, but to encourage improvement of articles that are almost at featured article quality (but perhaps missing one criteria, such as references)."

One possible avenue suggested for screening nominations is the peer review process, which has helped produce an increase in featured articles (see archived story). Noticing that the option of moving articles from Featured article candidates to peer review has been edited out of the voting instructions, slambo asked if this might be restored. MacGyverMagic suggested that such votes could be used anyway, as an alternative vote to simple opposition when appropriate.

Eleven articles managed to gain featured status last week: United Kingdom corporation tax, Stuttering, Ta-Yuan, Goa, Speaker of the British House of Commons, Moorgate, Order of St Patrick, Polish-Soviet War, Diego Velázquez, Samantha Smith and Sly & the Family Stone

In addition, five images gained featured picture status via Featured picture candidates:

Requests for adminship

Five users were approved as administrators on requests for adminship, last week: Gdr, Jinian, Wwoods, Petaholmes (also known as nixie) and Biekko. Especially successful were Petaholmes and Gdr (both nominated by Darwinek), who gathered 31 and 21 support votes respectively without any objections.

Of the nominations filed last week, it seems Mindspillage is likely promoted when her voting period ends, having received 34 votes in the first four days of being nominated with only one opposing (a facetious vote by Gmaxwell).

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