From the editor

From the editor

I continue to get lots of positive feedback from many people about The Signpost, and it's gratifying to know that so many interested readers enjoy our efforts. Erik Zachte, who told me he only discovered The Signpost after I wrote an article about the return of his Wikipedia statistics, called it, "Another proof that Wikipedia is just too large to keep track of all new interesting developments." I might add, also another proof of why we need something like The Signpost.

As I've pointed out before, I can't do this alone, and I thank all those who have passed on news tips or written the occasional story. In particular, I appreciate Worldtraveller's dedication in writing regular articles about Wikipedia's press coverage. With all of the important news over the past week, much of this week's issue is his work.

One of the particular problems with anything that's a "one-man show" is how to continue the show without that person. After next week's issue, I will be traveling in Europe on vacation, and for about a month I won't have much computer access. That means I won't be available to write several articles each week as I have been doing, but I'm hoping that the community remains interested in keeping The Signpost going during my absence.

The primary goal of Wikipedia is to work on the encyclopedia, and I don't want to undermine that. One of the reasons The Signpost exists is to save people from having to spend as much time tracking down all of the community news personally, so they have more time for the real work. If several people would each commit to writing just one article a week for The Signpost, we could easily cover as much news as I manage to do on my own. Please contact me if you are interested in helping.

--Michael Snow

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