From the editor

From the editor

If you're reading The Signpost for the first time, welcome! For those of you coming back, I'm pleased that you found the first issue worthwhile enough that you decided to continue reading it—I hope you make a habit of it.

The feedback I've received about this project has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm glad so many people recognized the need for a news source like this. In order for The Signpost to best serve the community, we'll need that feedback on an ongoing basis; if there are subjects you want to read about that aren't getting discussed, we'll try to add that to our coverage.

In this issue, you'll begin seeing articles from other reporters, and I hope that in the coming weeks more will join us. Like everything else about Wikipedia, The Signpost is intended as a collaborative project, not a one-man show. While this is not a task I or anyone else could handle alone, I know many of you are quite capable of handling it with us. So once more, I would like to issue a call to anyone interested in helping with this project to contact me about it. You can write articles, pass along news tips, suggest new topics to explore, or anything else that seems needed—the help will always be appreciated.

--Michael Snow

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