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News and notes A future with a for-profit subsidiary?
Or becoming more business-like?
In the media Wikimedia LLC and disinformation in Japan
Plus CPAC misinformation
From the archives Google isn't responsible for Wikipedia's mistakes
So it shouldn't get credit for our work, either.
In the media Dog days gone bad
Pandemic, politics, and possibly paid editing.
In the media Paid editing; traffic drop; Nicki Minaj
The Atlantic discusses "The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay".
Op-ed Je ne suis pas Google
The public interest in remembering the facts about trials and convictions is, in my view, at least as strong as any "right to be forgotten."
Special report Small impact of the large Google Translation Project on Telugu Wikipedia
During 2009–2011 Google ran the Google Translation Project (GTP), a program utilising paid translators to translate most popular English Wikipedia articles to various Indian language Wikipedias.
Recent research How Wikipedia built governance capability; readability of plastic surgery articles
One paper looks at the topic of Wikipedia governance in the context of online social production.
In the media Monkey selfie, net neutrality, and hoaxes
The Observer reported (August 2) that Google would "restrict search terms to a link to a Wikipedia article, in the first request under Europe's controversial new 'right to be forgotten' legislation to affect the 110m-page encyclopaedia."
Traffic report Eurovision, Google Doodles, Mothers, and 5 May
Eurovision is known for being political, and it was a doozy this week.
In the media Google and the flu; Adrianne
Boston Children's Hospital postdoctoral fellow David McIver and a team have determined that using page view statistics from Wikipedia, they can track flu progression better than the Center for Disease Control can using Google searches.
Recent research Wikipedia predicts flu more accurately than Google; 43% of academics have edited Wikipedia
Wikipedia predicts flu more accurately than Google: Can you predict the number of seasonal influenza-like illness in the U.S. using data from Wikipedia?
In the media Is Google hurting Wikipedia traffic?; "Wikipedia-Mania" in the New York Times
Wikipedia's recent decline in readership, possibly due to Google's Knowledge Graph. ... Judith Newman in the New York Times asks "What Does Judith Newman Have to Do to Get a Page?"
Traffic report Google Doodlebugs bust the block
The numbers this week are beyond anything that has been seen since this report began. The top view count beats the average by an order of magnitude. Usually the appearance of numbers this big on the list is due to spamming, but in this case it seems they are due to honest interest; more specifically, Google Doodles, which for the first time claimed all five top slots. This column has raised numerous times the power of a Google Doodle to shine light on Wikipedia, but the wattage has never been as high as this.
Traffic report Yahoo! crushes the competition ... in Wikipedia views
The real world made a strong showing in the top 10 last week, as news stories such as Yahoo!'s purchase of Tumblr, the murder of Odin Lloyd, the continuing drama over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the ill-health of Nelson Mandela crowded out the usual roster of TV shows, movies, websites and video games. Not that they were entirely excluded, of course.
Technology report Foundation successful in bid for larger Google subsidy
The Wikimedia Foundation will be receiving more than $100,000 worth of free developer time courtesy of internet giant Google, it was announced this week. The funds, allocated as part of Google's Summer of Code programme, will support up to 21 student developers through three months of coding time.
Technology report Time for a MediaWiki Foundation?
Developers are currently discussing the possibility of a MediaWiki Foundation to oversee those aspects of MediaWiki development that relate to non-Wikimedia wikis. The proposal was generated after a discussion on the wikitech-l mailing list about generalising Wikimedia's CentralAuth system.
Technology report Lua onto test2wiki and news of a convention-al extension
New embeddable scripting ("template replacement") language Lua received considerable scrutiny this week when it began its long road to widespread deployment, landing on the test2wiki test site on Wednesday (wikitech-l mailing list). ... the fourth in our series profiling participants in this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) programme.
Technology report "Phabricating" a serious alternative to Gerrit
Three weeks into a month-long evaluation of code review tool Gerrit, a serious alternative has finally gained traction in the review process: Facebook-developed but now independently operated Phabricator and its sister command-line tool Arcanist.
Technology report Talking performance with CT Woo and Green Semantic MediaWiki with Nischay Nahata
In the light of recent questions over the long-term reliability of Wikimedia wikis, the Signpost caught up with CT Woo, the Wikimedia Foundation's director of technical operations.
Technology report Translating SVGs and making history bugs history
In the first of a series looking at this year's eight ongoing Google Summer of Code projects, the Signpost caught up with developer Harry Burt.
Recent research Supporting interlanguage collaboration; detecting reverts; Wikipedia's discourse, semantic and leadership networks, and Google's Knowledge Graph
Technology report Search gets faster, GSoC gets more detail and 1.20wmf2 gets deployed
Technology report Pencils down in Google Summer of Code, August analysed and integrated HTTPS support in action
Technology report Protocol-relative URLs; GSoC updates; bad news for SMW fans; brief news
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
In the news "Truth in Numbers?" interview; 94% women; Google algorithm update; brief news
News and notes New General Counsel hired; reuse of Google Art Project debated; GLAM newsletter started; news in brief
The Science Hall of Fame Building a pantheon of scientists from Wikipedia and Google Books
Technology report Foundation office switches to closed source, secure browsing, brief news
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Development transparency, resource loading, GSoC: extension management
In the news WikiLeaks and Wikipedia; Google–WP collaboration to translate health information
Technology report Reusability of MediaWiki code, Google Summer of Code: Interwiki transclusion, and more
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
In the news Wikipedia leads in customer satisfaction, Google Translate and India, Citizendium transition, Jimbo's media accolade
News and notes Politician defends editing own article, Google translation, Row about a small Wikipedia
News and notes Berlin WikiConference, Brooklyn Museum & collaborations, review backlog removed, 1 billion edits
News and notes Usability, 15M articles, Vandalism research award, and more
News and notes $2 Million donation, cybersquatting, comScore statistics and more
In the news Wikipedia on the road, and more
In the news Financial Times, death rumors, Google maps and more
News and notes Kiswahili contest, new advisory board members, Foundation-l and more
News and notes New hires, German Wikipedian dies, new book tool, and more
In the news Reports of Wikipedia's imminent death greatly exaggerated, and more
News and notes WMF Elections, Annual Financial Plan, Google Image Search, and more
In the news Wired editor plagiarizes Wikipedia, Google News Support
News and notes License update, Google Translate, GLAM conference, Paid editing
In the news In the Google News, London Review of Books, and more
News and notes Picture process turmoil, block patterns, and more
News and notes Picture of the Year, Wikipedia's first logo, Board elections, and more
In the news Wikipedia in the news
News and notes News and notes: Fundraising success and other developments
In the news Wikipedia in the News
Dispatches Dispatches: Find reliable sources online
Google Knol Google announces foray into user-generated knowledge
Google again In US, half of Wikipedia traffic comes from Google
External tools New external tools
In the news Wikipedia in the news
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Louis Braille Google homage sparks work on Braille biography
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Yahoo support Yahoo! announces support for the Wikimedia Foundation
Yahoo anniversary Yahoo! features Wikipedia in its anniversary celebration
Googlepedia column Media speculation and debate about Google and Wikipedia continues
Google hosting Wikimedia Board considers proposal for Google to help host content
Advocacy groups Outside groups targeting Wikipedia spur fears about bias


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