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Interview 228/2/1: the inside scoop on Aoidh's RfA
An interview with Wikipedia's newest admin.
Interview A veteran’s Wikipedia edits help him understand the brutality behind Yugoslavia’s wars
We interviewed an Australian veteran who deployed to the region as a peacekeeper and now writes articles on the region's history to help him understand what he encountered there.
Interview Meet a paid editor
Before being indefinitely blocked, User:FergusM1970 made more than 4600 edits on the English Wikipedia, spread over eight years. In the last two years, he was paid to edit several articles for clients that included the Venezuelan energy company Derwick Associates. We spoke with him about his experiences.
Interview WWII veteran honors shipmates through Wikipedia editing
Over seventy years ago, the US destroyer Mahan was patrolling off Ponson Island in the Philippines when eleven Japanese kamikaze aircraft appeared over the horizon and attacked. George Pendergast, who edits Wikipedia with the username Pendright, was eighteen years old when he joined Mahan '​s crew in April 1944.
Interview Interview with Jakob, one of Wikipedia's more prolific waterway contributors
User:Jakec has been a Wikipedia editor for over two years and has been a writer of many recent Did you know articles on Wikipedia, including multiple articles on rivers and streams in the state of Pennsylvania.
Interview Improving the visibility of digital archival assets using Wikipedia
Improving the visibility of digital archival assets using Wikipedia: Dorothy Howard interviews Michael Szajewski, archivist for digital development and university records at Ball State University.
Wikimedia in education Exploring the United States and Canada with LiAnna Davis
The Wikimedia Education Program currently spans 60 programs around the world; students and instructors participate at almost every level of education. The Education program Signpost series presents a snapshot of the Wikimedia Global Education Program as it exists in 2014.
Exclusive "We need to be true to who we are"—Foundation's new executive director speaks to the Signpost
In her first interview since taking office, Lila Tretikov, the Wikimedia Foundation's new executive director, speaks about grantmaking, the global south, and the gender gap.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Moderator: William Beutler
William Beutler (WWB), author of the blog The Wikipedian, is a long-time editor and community-watcher. He is also a paid editor (WWB Too). Well—not anymore—because he gave up direct editing of articles in 2011. Instead, for the past three years he has followed Jimmy Wales' Bright Line rule in acting as a researcher and consultant for companies and clients that want to suggest changes to Wikipedia articles and engage on the Talk page.
Interview Wikipedia in the Peabody Essex Museum
Ed Roley, Associate Director of Integrated Media at the Peabody Essex Museum, talks about GLAM engagement with Wikipedia.
Interview Nate Ott—the writer behind 71 articles in the largest-ever good topic
In a record-breaker, the English Wikipedia has a new largest good topic: the 71-article Light cruisers of Germany, which concerns the light cruisers used by Germany during the 20th century.
Interview Wikipedia's first featured article centurion
Wikipedia's first Featured Article centurion: On 7 December, Wikipedia editor Wehwalt reached the momentous milestone of 100 featured articles with History of Chincoteague, Virginia. Quite apart from the reading and research, that's around three-quarters of a million words of finalised text, not counting footnotes, image captions and the rest.
Interview Meeting in the middle: Wikipedia and libraries
Ask librarians what they think about Wikipedia and you might get some interesting answers. Some will throw up their hands about the laziness of the Google generation and their overdependence on Wikipedia. Some see it as the "competition". And some will tell you it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Interview Interview with Brion Vibber, the WMF's first employee
Brion Vibber has been a Wikipedia editor for nearly 11 years and was the first person officially hired to work for the Wikimedia Foundation. He was instrumental in early development of the MediaWiki software and is now the lead software architect for the foundation's mobile development team.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Founder: Jimmy Wales
Does Wikipedia Pay? is a Signpost series seeking to illuminate paid editing, paid advocacy, for-profit Wikipedia consultants, editing public relations professionals, conflict of interest guidelines in practice, and the Wikipedians who work on these issues by speaking openly with the people involved. This week, a scandal centering around Roger Bamkin's work with Wikimedia UK and Gibraltarpedia erupted ... In light of these events, opinions on how to avoid future controversy are as important as ever. ... The Signpost spoke with Jimmy Wales to better understand how he views the paid editing environment and what he thinks is needed to improve it.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia pay? The skeptic: Orange Mike
Does Wikipedia pay? The skeptic: Orange Mike: Does Wikipedia pay? is an ongoing Signpost series seeking to illuminate paid editing, paid advocacy, for-profit Wikipedia consultants, editing public relations professionals, conflict of interest guidelines in practice, and the Wikipedians who work on these issues... by speaking openly with the people involved.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Communicator: Phil Gomes
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Consultant: Pete Forsyth
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Facilitator: Silver seren
Wikidata The next big thing? An interview with Wikidata
Interview Funds, fiduciaries, and the Foundation: the complex dynamics of scaling
Interview An introduction to movement roles
Interview Liaising with the Education Program
Interview The Gardner interview
Interview Contracting for the Foundation
Research interview The Huggle Experiment: interview with the research team
Wikimedian in Residence interview Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science: an interview with Daniel Mietchen
Interview Interview with Johanna Niesyto and Nathaniel Tkacz from "Critical Point of View"
ArbCom interview So what is being an arbitrator actually like?
Interview Interview with David G. Post
Sister projects Wiktionary interview
Sister projects Meta-wiki interview
Dispatches Wikipedia remembers the Wall
Interview Interview with John Blossom
Dispatches Dispatches: Interview with Matthewedwards, Featured list director
Dispatches Dispatches: Interview with Ruhrfisch, master of Peer review
Dispatches Dispatches: Interview with Mav
Dispatches Dispatches: Interview with botmaster Rick Block
Wikibooks interview Sister Projects Interview: Wikibooks
Wikiversity interview Sister Projects Interview: Wikiversity
2000th FA Interview with the team behind one of the 2,000th featured articles
Wikisource interview Sister Projects Interview: Wikisource
Domas Mituzas interview Signpost interview: Domas Mituzas
Michael Snow interview Signpost interview: Michael Snow
John Broughton interview Signpost interview: John Broughton
2007 in review Special: 2007 in Review, Part III
Gardner interview Signpost interview: New Executive Director Sue Gardner
Anthere interview Signpost interview: Florence Devouard
Jimbo interview An interview with Jimbo Wales
Arbitration series New arbitrators interviewed
Eloquence interview Interview with Board member Erik Möller
Jimbo interview An interview with Jimbo Wales


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