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News from Wiki Education 18 years a Wikipedian: what it means to me
Change and stability.
Opinion Why student editors are good for Wikipedia
Who are the students and how do we assure quality?
Special report WikiEd course leads to Twitter harassment
Education, deletion and social media can be a volatile mix.
Book review Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality
Or you could watch the video!
News from Wiki Education Changing the face of Wikipedia
Moving forward.
News from Wiki Education Encouraging professional physicists to engage in outreach on Wikipedia
Even a Nobel laureate can learn more!
News from Wiki Education An assignment that changed a life: Kasey Baker
Wiki Education and changing our encyclopedia
Recent research Teaching Wikipedia, Does advertising the gender gap help or hurt Wikipedia?
Current academic research on Wikipedia and related projects
Recent research Wikipedia in higher education; gender-driven talk page conflicts; disease forecasting
A paper titled "Factors that influence the teaching use of Wikipedia in Higher Education" uses the technology acceptance model to shed light on faculty's (of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) views of Wikipedia as a teaching tool.
Op-ed My issues with the Wiki Education Foundation
Chris Troutman has been a campus ambassador for six classes in the Los Angeles area over the past four consecutive semesters. He is currently a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at University of California, Riverside.
News and notes Wikipedia article published in peer-reviewed journal; Wikipedia in education
The argument on Wikipedia over the benefits of crowdsourcing versus the primacy of "expert" contributors stretches back to co-founder Larry Sanger's break with the project to start the alternative Citizendium.
Arbitration report Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education
Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education: Banning Policy finishes the workshop phase on 23 September. Parties have proposed findings of fact on the topics of the 3RR, the role of Jimbo Wales, and proxying for banned users. A request for arbitration was posted on 20 September about Landmark Worldwide.
Interview Improving the visibility of digital archival assets using Wikipedia
Improving the visibility of digital archival assets using Wikipedia: Dorothy Howard interviews Michael Szajewski, archivist for digital development and university records at Ball State University.
Wikimedia in education Global Education—WMF's Perspective
"Education is at the core of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission."
Wikimedia in education Leading universities educate with Wikipedia in Mexico
"Major growth" expected in Mexican university after a Wikipedia program is formally accepted by the school's administration.
Wikimedia in education Success in Egypt and the Arab world
Success in Egypt and the Arab World: A "program of heroes" is leading the charge in Egypt.
Wikimedia in education Education program gaining momentum in Israel
"Great success" in Israel universities is leading to collaboration and editing in high schools.
Wikimedia in education Serbia takes the stage with Filip Maljkovic
Serbia takes the stage with Filip Maljkovic: It all started in late 2005, when we first held lectures about Wikipedia in two educational institutions (universities) ...
Wikimedia in education Exploring the United States and Canada with LiAnna Davis
The Wikimedia Education Program currently spans 60 programs around the world; students and instructors participate at almost every level of education. The Education program Signpost series presents a snapshot of the Wikimedia Global Education Program as it exists in 2014.
In the media Wiki Education; medical content; PR firms
The Los Angeles Times highlighted a recent Wiki Education Foundation (WEF) course at Pomona College in their article "Wikipedia pops up in bibliographies, and even college curricula". We interviewed Char Booth, the campus ambassador for the course, for additional details.
Discussion report Commas, draft namespace proposal, education updates
Commas, Draft namespace proposal, education updates, and more: Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Recent research Automatic detection of "infiltrating" Wikipedia admins; Wiki, or 'pedia?
A conference paper makes a rather serious claim: "We find a surprisingly large number of editors who change their behavior and begin focusing more on a particular controversial topic once they are promoted to administrator status."
News and notes 2012—the big year
The movement, now in its second decade, is growing apace in its international reach, cultural and linguistic diversity, technical development, and financial complexity.
News and notes Education Program faces community resistance
Wikipedia in education is far from a new idea: years of news stories, op-eds, and editorials have focused on the topic; and on Wikipedia itself, the Schools and universities projects page has existed in various forms since 2003. Over the next six years, the page was rarely developed, and when it did advance there was no clear goal in mind.
Discussion report Closing Wikiquette; Image Filter; Education Program and Memento extensions
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Discussion report Sidebar and main page alterations; Recent Deaths; Education Program extension
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Special report Reforming the education programs: lessons from Cairo
The Schools and universities program started in 2003 and evolved case by case with little system. But in 2009, as Wikimedia embarked on its formal strategic process, outreach in higher education came to be seen in terms of achieving explicit goals — especially that of increasing editor participation.
News and notes Projects launched in Brazil and the Middle East as advisors sought for funds committee
Education report Universities unite for GLAM; and High Schools get their due.
Interview Liaising with the Education Program
Education report Diverse approaches to Wikipedia in Education
News and notes Update on Global Development, Wikipedia Day NYC is a success, JFK audio on Commons
Opinion essay Wikipedia in Academe – and vice versa
Special report A post-mortem on the Indian Education Program pilot
News and notes WMF Annual plan; Article Feedback tool; university outreach; brief news
Higher education summit Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit recap
In the news Education minister's speech copied from Wikipedia; Jimmy Wales interviewed; brief news
Ambassadors Wikipedia Ambassador Program growing, adjusting
In the news WP prose praised, Public Policy update, education debate, WP documentary
Public Policy Initiative Experiments with article assessment
Public Policy Initiative Introducing the Public Policy Initiative
In the news Hoaxes in France and at university, Wikipedia used in Indian court, Is Wikipedia a cult?, and more
Wikipedia Academy Volunteers lead Wikipedia Academy at National Institutes of Health
Philosophers analyze Wikipedia Philosophers analyze Wikipedia as a knowledge source
Dispatches Dispatches: Featured content from schools and universities
School threat Threat made against high school on Wikipedia, student arrested
Citing Wikipedia Wales’ comments on citing Wikipedia produce BBC correction
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Education in Australia
Vandalism study Study examines Wikipedia authorship, vandalism repair
Academic journal coverage Academic journals multiply their analyses of Wikipedia
Western Civ blog Students in Western Civilization course find editing Wikipedia frustrating, rewarding
A Wikipedia education Wikipedia continues to get mixed reactions in education
Wikipedia and academia Wikipedia classroom assignments on the rise
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Listserv Professors criticize, praise Wikipedia in listserv discussions
Wikimania series About Wikimania
In the news Press coverage this week


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