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WikiCup report The WikiCup 2023
The winner is...
WikiCup report The WikiCup 2021
15th annual event closes with hundreds of articles improved
Wikicup report Lee Vilenski wins the 2020 WikiCup
Gog the Mild and The Rambling Man in second and third!
News and notes Reviewer of the year, WikiCup winner, and the 2019 Wikimedia Summit
Looking both backward and forward to events concerning the community.
Wikicup 2017 WikiCup round 4 wrap-up
Ships, typhoons, birds, and more!
Wikicup WikiCup report
WikiCup winners: Winners of the tenth annual WikiCup competition announced and profiled
Wikicup That's it for WikiCup Round 2!
35 competitors move on to round 3
WikiCup report First round of the WikiCup finishes
Your detailed look at one of Wikipedia's largest contests.
Featured content The amorous android and the horsebreeder; WikiCup round two concludes
Seven articles, three lists, and ten pictures were promoted to "featured" status this week. The second round of the WikiCup has ended.
Wikicup Wikicup's third round sees money, space, battleships and more
After an extremely close race, round three is over. 244 points secured a place in Round 4, which is comparable to previous years—321 was required in 2013, and 243 points in 2012.
WikiCup 2014 WikiCup enters round three
Round 3 of the 2014 WikiCup has just begun; 32 competitors remain.
Featured content Full speed ahead for the WikiCup
The WikiCup competition is ongoing, while six articles, three lists, and ten pictures were promoted to "featured" status of the English Wikipedia this week.
Op-ed WikiCup competition beginning a new year
At the very start of the new year, 2014's WikiCup—an annual competition which has been held on Wikipedia in various forms since 2007—began.
Featured content Wrestling with featured content
This year's WikiCup competition has finished, while three articles, five lists, and six pictures, were promoted to "featured" status on the English Wikipedia last week.
Featured content WikiCup update, and the gardens of Finland
The 2013 WikiCup competition is entering its final round. Eleven articles and nine pictures were promoted to "featured" status on the English Wikipedia this week.
Featured content WikiCup update: full speed ahead!
May sees the beginning of Round 3 of the 2013 WikiCup, with 33 of the original 127 competitors remaining. ... six articles, ten pictures, and two portals were promoted to "featured" status on the English Wikipedia this week.
Op-ed 2012 WikiCup comes to an end
J Milburn is a British editor who has been on the site since 2006. He is one of two judges of the WikiCup. Here, he uses an op-ed to explain the way the WikiCup works and to review this year's competition, which ended recently.
Article contest Durova wins 2009 WikiCup


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