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Videos and podcasts Celebrating 20 years
Multimedia in many styles!
Op-Ed An unforgettable year we might wish to forget
The year that was 2020.
Recent research Wikipedia's Shoah coverage succeeds where libraries fail
And other new research publications
GLAM plus West Coast New Zealand's Wikipedian at Large
Succeeding one step at a time.
Blog 7,473 volumes at 700 pages each: meet Print Wikipedia
After six years of work, a residency in the Canadian Rockies, endless debugging, and more than a little help from my friends, I have made Print Wikipedia.
In the media Guggenheim image donation; Wiki campaign gets advertising award
artnet and The Next Web report (May 6) that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is releasing a hundred images of works in its collection under Creative Commons licences in conjunction with a May 19 editathon.
Blog The Wikipedia Library Team reflects on its new Visiting Scholars program
A university gives a top Wikipedia editor free and full access to the university library's entire online content—and the Wikipedia editor, who is unpaid and not on campus, then creates and improves Wikipedia articles in a subject area of interest to the institution.
Blog Black History Month edit-a-thons tackle Wikipedia’s multicultural gaps
Black History Month is celebrated annually in the United States in February, to commemorate the history of the African diaspora. For this occasion, Wikipedians worked together to honor black history and to address Wikipedia's multicultural gaps in the encyclopedia, hosting Wikipedia edit-a-thons throughout the United States, from February 1 to 28, 2015.
Op-ed It's GLAM up North!
Highlights from the York Museums Trust's online collections.
Maps tagathon Find 10,000 digitised maps this weekend
Rather than the usual WikiProject Report, this week our guest author Jheald is telling us about a campaign to identify thousands of old maps which have been digitised, to make them available for georeferencing and upload
News and notes 'Ask a librarian'—connecting Wikimedians with the National Library of Australia; watch 'Cracking Wikipedia'
'Ask a librarian'—connecting Wikimedians with the National Library of Australia: Editors of Australian-related topics on the English Wikipedia may have noticed an odd addition if they viewed the article's talk pages. For example, on Talk:Darwin, Northern Territory, they might be drawn in by the question mark, nested within what is often a sea of WikiProject templates: "Need help improving this article? Ask a librarian at the National Library of Australia, or the Northern Territory Library." Just what is this?
Interview Wikipedia in the Peabody Essex Museum
Ed Roley, Associate Director of Integrated Media at the Peabody Essex Museum, talks about GLAM engagement with Wikipedia.
Op-ed Five things a Wikipedian in Residence can do
Hey you—yeah you, the Wikipedian! Do you want to help a museum, a library, a university, or other organization explore ways to engage with Wikipedia? Great—you should offer your expertise as a Wikipedian in residence!
News and notes Wikipedia Library finding success in matching contributors with sources
This week, the Signpost caught up with the Wikipedia Library (TWL), which aims to connect reference resources with Wikipedia editors who can use them to improve articles. Funded through the Wikimedia Foundation's Individual Engagement Grants program, TWL has a new "visiting scholars" initiative and a microgrants program in the works.
News and notes Chapter furore over FDC knockbacks; First DC GLAM boot-camp
The Funds Dissemination Committee released its recommendations to the WMF board last Sunday. The news that the Hong Kong chapter's application for US$212K had failed was followed by a strongly worded resignation announcement by Deryck Chan on the public Wikimedia-l mailing-list.
News and notes Funding for the Wikipedia Library and six other projects; April Fool's Day ructions
Grants given for Wikipedia Library, six others; April Fool's Day ructions: The first round of individual engagement grants (IEGs) have been awarded, disbursing about $55.6k (€42.7k) to seven applicants.
Interview Meeting in the middle: Wikipedia and libraries
Ask librarians what they think about Wikipedia and you might get some interesting answers. Some will throw up their hands about the laziness of the Google generation and their overdependence on Wikipedia. Some see it as the "competition". And some will tell you it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Education report Universities unite for GLAM; and High Schools get their due.
News and notes Chapters Council proposals take form as research applications invited for Wikipedia Academy and HighBeam accounts
Education report Diverse approaches to Wikipedia in Education
News and notes Amsterdam gets the GLAM treatment, fundraising marches on, and a flourish of new admins
News and notes Arb's resignation sparks lightning RfC, Fundraiser 2011 off to a strong start, GLAM in Qatar
In the news QRpedia launches to acclaim, Jimbo talks social media, Wikipedia attracts fungi, terriers and Greeks bearing gifts
Wikimania Seventh annual Wikimedia conference concluded in Haifa, Israel
News and notes WMF Annual plan; Article Feedback tool; university outreach; brief news
News and notes GLAM workshop; legal policies; brief news
News and notes Foundation looking for "storyteller" and research fellows; new GLAM newsletter; brief news
Versailles Six-month residence in the Palace of Versailles for a Wikimedian
News and notes New General Counsel hired; reuse of Google Art Project debated; GLAM newsletter started; news in brief
WikiXDC Wikipedians celebrate anniversary with US National Archives in Washington, D.C.
News and notes Wikimedia fellow working on cultural collaborations; video animation about Wikipedia; brief news
Image donation Christmas gift to Commons from the State Library of Queensland
Rencontres Wikimédia Wikimedia and the cultural sector: two days of talks in Paris.
GLAM-WIKI London British Museum hosts two days of talks between Wikimedia and the cultural sector
News and notes Second Wikipedian in Residence, citation needed for sanity
News and notes Foundation's finances, geodata milestone, interim counsel, museum conference
WikiProject report WikiProject Smithsonian Institution
News and notes Page-edit stats, French National Library partnership, Mass page blanking, Jimbo on Pending changes
News and notes Collaboration with the British Museum and in Serbia, Interaction with researchers, and more
News and notes "Pending changes" trial, Chief hires, British Museum prizes, Interwiki debate, and more
News and notes Backstage at the British Museum
Museums conference Wikimedians meet with museum leaders
News and notes Berlin WikiConference, Brooklyn Museum & collaborations, review backlog removed, 1 billion edits
News and notes Studying German flagged revisions, French library agreement, German court case
News and notes A Wikiversity controversy, Wikimedian-in-Residence, image donation, editing contest, WMF jobs
Tropenmuseum Tropenmuseum donates 35,000 images
News and notes Government stubs, Suriname exhibit, milestones and more
News and notes Commons hits 5 million files, vandalism study, and more
News and notes $500,000 grant, Wikimania, Wikipedia Loves Art winners
Tropenmuseum partnership Tropenmuseum to host partnered exhibit with Wikimedia community
In the news Shrinking community, GLAM-Wiki, and more
News and notes WMF elections, strategy wiki, museum partnerships, and much more
Open letter Working with, not against, cultural institutions
Copyright threat UK public gallery threatens Wikimedian
News and notes License update, Google Translate, GLAM conference, Paid editing
In the news In the Google News, London Review of Books, and more
News and notes Usability study, Wiki Loves Art, and more
In the news Wikipedia in the News
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Librarian video Librarian creates video course about Wikipedia
Library of Congress Library of Congress, Holocaust Museum negotiate with Wikimedia
Librarians project Invasion of librarians spawns new WikiProject
Features Featured article candidates on controversial topics struggle


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