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In the media Odd bedfellows, Elon and Jimbo, reliable sources for divorces, and more
Sometimes you need to read more than just the headlines!
By the numbers Does birthplace affect the frequency of Wikipedia biography articles?
Some evidence from people born in France.
Serendipity Born three months before her brother?
Wikipedia and the Oxford Dictionary of Music have different opinions.
Deletion report We laughed, we cried, we closed as "no consensus"
More hats than a rodeo: the best, worst, and gnarliest AfDs of 2021.
WikiProject report Interview with contributors to WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers
From the silver screen to your computer screen
Serendipity "Did you know ..." featured a photo of the wrong female WWII pilot
A worthy pilot but the photo didn't match the article!
In the media Vive la différence!
Vive la différence!: May Father Will forgive us!
Community view Making Olympic history on Wikipedia
Higher, faster, stronger and more informative!
From the editor What else can we say?
What can we link to?
Wikicup report Lee Vilenski wins the 2020 WikiCup
Gog the Mild and The Rambling Man in second and third!
Essay Writing about women
Male is not the default.
Discussion report Is an interim Executive Director inherently notable?
Wikipedia news sparks editing disagreements.
In the media Scrubbing Parliamentary biographies; Wikipedia's invisible history
British media reports on Wikipedia editing to articles of Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom prior to the May 7 United Kingdom general election from IP addresses assigned to Parliament.
In the media Wikipedia a trusted source on Ebola; Wikipedia study labeled government waste; football biography goes viral
Noam Cohen reports in The New York Times (October 26) that Wikipedia's "Ebola Virus Disease article has had 17 million page views in the last month," an indication of the public's reliance on the online encyclopedia.
Recent research 99.25% of Wikipedia birthdates accurate; focused Wikipedians live longer; merging WordNet, Wikipedia and Wiktionary
0.75% of Wikipedia birthdates are inaccurate, reported Robert Viseur at WikiSym 2014. Those inaccuracies are "low, although higher than the 0.21% observed for the baseline reference sources". Given that biographies represent 15% of English Wikipedia, the third largest category after "arts" and "culture", their accuracy is important.
Recent research Power users and diversity in WikiProjects; the "network of cultures" in multilingual Wikipedia biographies
Power users and diversity in WikiProjects: In a recent paper, Jacob Solomon and Rick Wash investigate the question of sustainability in online communities by analysing trends in the growth of WikiProjects.
In the media Lawyer goes to court to discover Wikipedian's identity; Storming Wikipedia; Wikimedia UK Secretary in conflict-of-interest controversy; Does Wikipedia need a "right to reply" box?
'The National Law Journal reported on September 9 that lawyer Susan L. Burke has been taking legal steps to discover the identity of Wikipedia editor . Zujua had edited her biography, allegedly adding misleading content about various lawsuits in the process
WikiProject report Ten years and one million articles: WikiProject Biography
On this day five years ago, the WikiProject Report debuted as a new Signpost column with an overview of WikiProject Biography. Today, we're celebrating two milestone: five years of the WikiProject Report and the tenth birthday of our first featured project. WikiProject Biography is by far the largest WikiProject on Wikipedia, with over one million articles under the project's scope. As a comparison, WikiProject Biography is three times larger than Wikipedia's second largest project, and if WikiProject Biography were split into its 14 subprojects and work groups, it would still make the list of the 20 largest WikiProjects... four times.
In the news What does Wikipedia call an expert; and untruths in biographies ... again.
Sister projects Biography bloopers – update on the Death Anomalies collaboration
In the news Zionist editing courses, newspaper denies editing candidate, net neutrality
News and notes New interwiki project improves biographies, and other news
News and notes Politician defends editing own article, Google translation, Row about a small Wikipedia
In the news Commons pornography purge, and more
News and notes Biographies galore, Wikinews competition, and more
Births and deaths Wikipedia biographies in the 20th century
In the news Politics, more politics, and more
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Wales' relationship with journalist Wales' relationship, breakup with journalist Rachel Marsden raises questions about possible improprieties
Tutorial Tutorial: Adding citations
Living people Biographies of living people grow into "status symbol"
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Biography
BLP, revisited Admin restored after desysopping; dispute centers on suitability of certain biographies
BLP, DRV, ARB, IRC Controversy over biographies compounded when leading participant blocked
News and notes News and notes: Unreferenced biographies, user studies, milestones
Errors and publicity Wikipedia biographical errors attract more attention
Baseball biographies False death information survives for a month in baseball biographies
News and notes News and notes: Biographies of living persons, milestones
Self-deletion Issue of article subjects requesting deletion taken up
Louis Braille Google homage sparks work on Braille biography
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Seigenthaler Retired journalist complains about false biography


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