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Wikidata Evaluating qualitative systemic bias in large article sets on Wikipedia
A systematic approach.
Gallery What is our responsibility when it comes to images?
When notability conflicts with what it might be used for.
In the media Scribing, searching, soliciting, spying, and systemic bias
Wading into several controversies.
Black History Month What are you doing for Black History Month?
Over 1,700 U.S. congressmen owned slaves. You can help document this.
In the media The past is not even past
Even for Wikipedia critics in nappies!
In the media China bans, and is there intelligent life on this planet?
Beam me up, Scotty – Matt Amodio for sure, and maybe just a few VIPs, billionaires, and Tucker Carlson.
Gallery Our community in 20 graphs
We just look at the pictures!
Recent research Gender bias and statistical fallacies, disinformation and mutual intelligibility
And other recent research publications
In the media Larry is at it again
Bias, propaganda and more murderous mistakes!
Recent research Feminist critique of Wikipedia's epistemology, Black Americans vastly underrepresented among editors, Wiki Workshop report
Summaries of 26 new research publications
In the media Boris and Joe, reliability, love, and money
Will he hang it in the Oval Office?
Opinion The (Universal) Code of Conduct
Explicit behavioral expectations are better than unwritten social norms
News from the WMF Who tells your story on Wikipedia
You can!
In the media Corporate influence at OSM, Fox watching the hen house
Wikidata, Turkey, Valentine's Day and all sorts of bias!
In focus From Anarchy to Wikiality, Glaring Bias to Good Cop: Press Coverage of Wikipedia's First Two Decades
A new "wiki journalism" is needed.
Opinion How to make your factory's safety and labor issues disappear
Edit wars fought on the back of workers.
Recent research Wikipedia's Shoah coverage succeeds where libraries fail
And other new research publications
Op-Ed Re-righting Wikipedia
Wikipedia deprecates more right-wing sources than left-wing sources ... but is it a problem?
Essay Writing about women
Male is not the default.
Recent research OpenSym 2020: Deletions and gender, masses vs. elites, edit filters
Ortega's hypothesis was right! (If you start with the right definitions and assumptions.)
Op-Ed Where Is Political Bias Taking Us?
Straight down the tubes.
On video COVID-19 spurs innovations in Wikimedia video and virtual programming
Community harnesses new technologies for remote participation in events and gatherings
In the media CBS on COVID-19, Sanger on bias, false noses, and five prolific editors
Worth Every Goddamn Second!
Recent research Trending topics across languages; auto-detecting bias
And other new research results.
In the media Coronavirus, again and again
Plus the importance of language.
Opinion The gaps in our knowledge of our gaps
What we know we don't know, and why it might matter more than you might think
Editorial Wikipedia better equipped to deal with systemic bias than traditional publishers
That particular artists would be omitted through oversight or happenstance is reasonable, but that one of the world's leading publishers of art books is completely unaware of their major omissions is startling.
Recent research Gender bias, SOPA blackout, and a student assignment that backfired
A monthly roundup of Wikimedia-related research
Recent research CSCW '14 retrospective; the impact of SOPA on deletionism
CSCW '14 retrospective; the impact of SOPA on deletionism: The monthly roundup of recent academic research about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, edited jointly with the Wikimedia Research Committee.
WikiProject report Countering Systemic Bias
WikiProject Countering System Bias aims to combat imbalanced coverage while encouraging neglected cultural perspectives and points of view, both in articles and in the larger Wikipedia community. As you'll see from the varied experiences and motivations of our nine respondents, the biases that the folks at WP CSB tackle run the full gamut of human characteristics and dispositions. The interview that follows unveils many of Wikipedia's greatest shortcomings.
Recent research Napoleon, Michael Jackson and Srebrenica across cultures, 90% of Wikipedia better than Britannica, WikiSym preview
An ArXiv preprint titled "Highlighting entanglement of cultures via ranking of multilingual Wikipedia articles" is about the Wikipedia articles on individuals and their position in the hyperlink network of the articles in each Wikipedia language edition, considering the whole hyperlink network.
Recent research Sentiment monitoring; Wikipedians and academics favor the same papers; UNESCO and systemic bias; How ideas flow on Wikiversity
Sentiment monitoring; UNESCO and systemic bias; and more: A report on an online service which was created to conduct real-time monitoring of Wikipedia articles of companies, and more.
Recent research New influence graph visualizations; NPOV and history; 'low-hanging fruit'
A monthly overview of recent academic research about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, edited jointly with the Wikimedia Research Committee and republished as the Wikimedia Research Newsletter.
In the news Wales enters extradition battle; Wikipedia's political bias
Recent research Barnstars work; Wiktionary assessed; cleanup tags counted; finding expert admins; discussion peaks; Wikipedia citations in academic publications; and more
Recent research Language analyses examine power structure and political slant; Wikipedia compared to commercial databases
Featured content Lecen on systemic bias in featured content
Recent research Quantifying quality collaboration patterns, systemic bias, POV pushing, the impact of news events, and editors' reputation
In the news Wikipedia praised for disaster news coverage, scolded for left-wing bias; brief news
In the news Low-hanging fruit and sustainability; Qwiki on iPad; sceptic critic; brief news
In the news Wikipedia accurate on US politics, plagiarized in court, and compared to Glass Bead Game; brief news
In the news Egyptian revolution and Wikimania 2008; Jimmy Wales' move to the UK, Africa and systemic bias; brief news
In the news The 2002 Spanish fork and ads revisited; Wikipedia still failing to fail; brief news
News and notes Pending changes analyzed, Foundation report, Main page bias, brief news
In the news Idealizing the Star Spangled Banner, Curious Announcement, and more
In the news Accusation of bias, misreported death, and more
Dispatches WikiProject Birds reaches an FA milestone
News and notes News and notes: Elections, licensing update, and more
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Podcasting problems Biased editing on podcasting turns into public spat
Advocacy groups Outside groups targeting Wikipedia spur fears about bias


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