Articles tagged: 2014 Wikimedia Global Education Program[edit]

Wikimedia in education Global Education—WMF's Perspective
"Education is at the core of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission."
Wikimedia in education Leading universities educate with Wikipedia in Mexico
"Major growth" expected in Mexican university after a Wikipedia program is formally accepted by the school's administration.
Wikimedia in education Success in Egypt and the Arab world
Success in Egypt and the Arab World: A "program of heroes" is leading the charge in Egypt.
Wikimedia in education Education program gaining momentum in Israel
"Great success" in Israel universities is leading to collaboration and editing in high schools.
Wikimedia in education Serbia takes the stage with Filip Maljkovic
Serbia takes the stage with Filip Maljkovic: It all started in late 2005, when we first held lectures about Wikipedia in two educational institutions (universities) ...
Wikimedia in education Exploring the United States and Canada with LiAnna Davis
The Wikimedia Education Program currently spans 60 programs around the world; students and instructors participate at almost every level of education. The Education program Signpost series presents a snapshot of the Wikimedia Global Education Program as it exists in 2014.


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