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In focus The Wikipedia SourceWatch
is a new project designed to find unreliable sources cited by Wikipedia. The SourceWatch's creator presents a brief history of the project, along with its motivations, and what exactly it means to be listed on The SourceWatch.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation adopts open-access research policy
Last week the WMF announced the release of its long-awaited open-access policy.
Recent research Wikipedia predicts flu more accurately than Google; 43% of academics have edited Wikipedia
Wikipedia predicts flu more accurately than Google: Can you predict the number of seasonal influenza-like illness in the U.S. using data from Wikipedia?
Op-ed Licensed for reuse? Citing open-access sources in Wikipedia articles
It is heavily ironic that two decades after the World Wide Web was started — largely to make it easier to share scholarly research — most of our past and present research publications are still hidden behind paywalls for private profit. The bitter twist is that the vast majority of this research is publicly funded, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide each year.
Special report Loss of an Internet genius
Comforting those grieving after the loss of a loved one is an impossible task. How then, can an entire community be comforted? The Internet struggled to answer that question this week after the suicide of Aaron Swartz, a celebrated free-culture activist, programmer, and Wikipedian at the age of 26.


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