Articles tagged: Gender gap[edit]

In the media Scribing, searching, soliciting, spying, and systemic bias
Wading into several controversies.
In focus Measuring gender diversity in Wikipedia articles
A new approach at the article level.
Humour Cherchez une femme
It's amazing what one can do.
Opinion The gaps in our knowledge of our gaps
What we know we don't know, and why it might matter more than you might think
Systemic bias Revenge of "I can’t believe we didn’t have an article on ..."
Wherein I am STILL fucking angry about systemic bias and am highlighting kick-ass articles we created and improved this month in our never-ending quest to fix it.
In the media Wikipedian is break-out star of International Women's Day; dinosaur art; Wikipedia's new iOS app and its fight for market share
Perhaps we're turning over a new leaf as a front-runner in the fight for equality?
Blog The new alchemy: turning online harassment into Wikipedia articles on women scientists
By night, she smites trolls on the Internet with positive punishment: for each harassing email she receives, one Wikipedia article on a woman in science is created.
Recent research Wikipedia and paid labour; Swedish gender gap; how verifiable is "verifiable"?
Current academic research about the encyclopedia and related projects.
Op-ed Shit I cannot believe we had to fucking write this month
A new column that examines the articles that are helping to fight systemic bias
Recent research Teaching Wikipedia, Does advertising the gender gap help or hurt Wikipedia?
Current academic research on Wikipedia and related projects
WikiProject report Women in Red—using teamwork and partnerships to elevate online and offline collaborations
Tackling content gaps through collaboration.
In the media "Wikipedia's hostility to women"
"The lunatics are running the asylum."
Editorial Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching
Time to clean up our mess.
News and notes No men beyond this point: the proposal to create a no-men space on Wikipedia
The Signpost talks with the creator of a grant proposal to create an on-wiki exclusive space for women to discuss issues.
In the media Study tour controversy; class tackles the gender gap
A "study tour" by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation for the purpose of researching development projects has been the subject of much controversy and criticism in the Indian press... The Indian Express described a government report about the trip as having copied extensively from the Wikipedia articles for Port Blair and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
Recent research Gender gap and skills gap; academic citations on the rise; European food cultures
The monthly roundup of research related to Wikimedia.
Arbitration report Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education
Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education: Banning Policy finishes the workshop phase on 23 September. Parties have proposed findings of fact on the topics of the 3RR, the role of Jimbo Wales, and proxying for banned users. A request for arbitration was posted on 20 September about Landmark Worldwide.
Special report IEG funding for women's stories—a new approach to the gender gap
Individual engagement grants (IEGs) are announced twice yearly by a volunteer WMF committee, the most recent of which we covered last December. The scheme, launched at the start of last year, awards funds to individuals or teams of up to four to produce high-impact outcomes for the WMF's online projects. It favours innovative approaches to solving critical issues in the movement.


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