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Technology report Vector (2022) deployment discussions happening now
Plus, the Private Incident Reporting System, and new bots & user scripts!
Tips and tricks Cleaning up awful citations with Citation bot
It doesn't have to be a pain in the butt!
Technology report A new video player for Wikimedia wikis
Plus, Growth Features configuration, the Hackathon, and more
Technology report 8-year-old attribution issues in Media Viewer
Plus, a new status page and Desktop Improvements.
Technology report 2022 Wikimedia Hackathon
Plus, Desktop Improvements and a new uploading tool for Commons.
Recent research Wikipedia's flood biases
And other new research publications
News and notes More large-scale errors at a "small" wiki
With inline parenthetical citations!
Technology report Actors and Bots
Database changes, new scripts, Tech News, and more.
Technology report Lots of Bots
Admin bots, approved bots, bots on trial, lots and lots of bots
Discussion report Reliable Sources Noticeboard editors discuss deprecating sources
A new record low for RfA: Plus: reliable sources, notability, and fallout from the self-blocking software changes.
News and notes Bot-created Wikipedia articles covered in the Wall Street Journal, push Cebuano over one million articles
The Swedish Wikipedia's prolific Lsjbot, which has created a significant proportion of the site's 1.7 million articles and has nearly single-handedly pushed it to being the fourth-largest Wikipedia, was covered in the Wall Street Journal this week. The newspaper reported that the bot has created 2.7 million articles, which is apparently a reference to the Waray-Waray and Cebuano Wikipedias, where Lsjbot is also active, and that "on a good day", it creates 10,000 articles.
News and notes US National Archives enshrines Wikipedia in Open Government Plan, plans to upload all holdings to Commons
US National Archives enshrines Wikipedia in Open Government Plan: The US National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) have committed to engaging with Wikimedia projects in their newest Open Government Plan. The biannual effort is a roadmap for how the agency will accomplish its goals in the digital age.
News and notes Swedish Wikipedia's millionth article leads to protests; WMF elections—where are all the voters?
With erysichton elaborata, the Swedish Wikipedia passed the one million article Rubicon this week. While this is a mostly symbolic achievement, serving as a convenient benchmark with which to gain publicity and attention in an increasingly statistical world, the particular method by which the Swedish site has passed the mark has garnered significant attention—and controversy.


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